Back Off To Move Forward

Its easy to get blinders when we’re aiming for something. But sometimes we try too hard, reach too far, and overextend, preventing us from attaining the desired prize. It might be the wrong timing, we might need a new resource, we might need to fortify a tool or a skill…

Sometimes taking a step back is actually what will get us to our goal.

So even though we’re all supposed to be good little yogis, enjoying the path, and not attempting to “get to” anything, its human nature to focus on the end product. Its a feat in and of itself to look at what you’re reaching for, take a step back, and do some honest observation of your efforts: this “taming of the ego” is not often encouraged in our culture of “achievement,” but it might be just the thing you need to take a step forward.

OK, so this is easy to say. How do you DO it on your yoga mat? I can help you with that:

EX. 1 – You’re binding, and desperately tryingto get your belly button twisted far to the left – take an extra breath, and work on making your spine longer. Notice how much better it feels than trying to bind – this is your edge – this is where you are working to strengthen the minor muscles around your spine so that you CAN bind.

EX 2 – You’re standing on one foot, arms spread, reaching for the floor in Half Moon arda chandrasana – instead of reaching for the floor, plug into your shoulder blade, and try to make your arms as wide as you possibly can, and your spine as long as you possibly can. Ignore the floor. When your arms and spine are long and strong enough, they will bring you to the floor

These are the kinds of things that bring strength to our bodies over time. Not over two months.

Step back.
Have patience.

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