Be a Beginner (And do it next weekend with guest Yogi Christina Sell!)

There is an awesome guest coming to Yoga Garden next weekend named Christina Sell.

The amount of information she will pour into your body (across four different sessions, Friday – Sunday) will be impossible to absorb all at once. And perfect segue to this weeks topic:

Be a beginner!

Always be willing to be a beginner. Here’s the fun personal story that got me to this topic. I’m in the process of launching a little baby company called Entertainment Jill. I’ve managed and helped run several different start-ups and small businesses. But I’ve never actually owned one myself, and I’ve been working my way through a business plan since July. Anyone who’s started a business (in a relatively new field and new market) knows that the task list is never-ending. So I’ve been doing work in large segments, cause I like to work in streaks, which means some things go a couple weeks without getting touched.

Like recording. The thing I’ve been doing since I was a teenager, and love to do. Except being away from it for the last two weeks while I’ve been editing, doing artwork, practicing, and teaching yoga, and now I’m recording not just singing, which I’ve done for years, but speaking which is a relatively new art form to me.

So I got in the booth tonight to record some audition scripts, and freaked out because I felt stiff,  and couldn’t seem to get rid of my mouth sounds until I realized I was holding my breath while I was talking! Duh, add breath, and suddenly it’s a nice crisp sound without all the mouth smacking. And I realized two things:

1: Breath! We need it in all areas of our lives! 
Breath brings more oxygen to everything which can make all kinds of things better: headaches, creative stuck spots, brain cognition, attention, focus, stiffness.  Oh breath. Oh yoga. What a teacher.

2: Of course its going to feel rusty if I haven’t done it in two weeks.
Don’t freak out, just take some time to warm up, and play. And be a freaking beginner. We all are constantly learning, which means if you consistently expect to feel like a beginner at some point in your day, you’re much more likely to not get stressed out by it when it happens.

Breathe. And be a beginner.

So come to Christina Sell. She is going to make me feel like a yoga fool, but the point is what can I learn from her? How can I make my practice work better for me, and what can she offer me to take onto my mat, and off of it, into my life?

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