Ah yes, The horse.

This is a pre-emptive post for a lot of us – I will likely be linking back to it the first week of January, when we’re all thinking about New Years’ resolutions, and of course everyone’s favorite one is something to do with health, wellness, or fitness. (Enter our magic friend yoga. Stick with her, she’s slow to commit.)

But it’s worth talking about while I’m revved up about it. Some days you just have to say, “Oh well, today I fell off. Tomorrow I’ll get back on the horse.”

Case in point – for the last 14 days or so I have be a BAD yogini… I was traveling for a tour with this lady, and you know, when you’re traveling all day, playing shows at night, and then catching up with friends, or meeting new ones something has to give. So I did get on my mat a few times, and even got in a whole 45 minutes once on the trip. But mostly I did 10 minutes of salutations, and that has been it.

So what do I decide to do tonight?  Eat a bowl of crack-corn (as I call it) at midnight, when I’m teaching yoga in 10 hours, after not having taught for 2 weeks. I’m already off this damned horse, I figured I might as well get one last roll in the grass before I hop on back up.

I know, I know, there’s all kinds of health professionals who would be telling me “never binge before you start (or return to) a routine.”  You know what I say to them?  “It’s one goddamned bowl of popcorn. It’s not gonnna kill me, it makes me happy, and I’m still gettting on the freaking horse in the morning, leave me alone.”

For real. This is why I chose yoga. Theres enough expectation out there to choke a bear. Yoga is a great place to just come to breathe, come to learn, come to turn off, and know that its always ok to just do what you can today. The yoga horse is chained to your ankle. He walks with you, and is always up for a trot around the block. You just have to show up 🙂

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