Bandhas, breath, chakras, sex organs?

I’ve always kind of enjoyed being that friend / relative / person who says the thing that you’re not supposed to say because its sooooo unCOUTH. But see, that’s the thing with yoga – it’s supposed to be about dealing with real feelings, emotions, physical characteristics, etc. no matter what they are. It’s good to unbutton every once and a while in life. (Hey, if we can adopt “It’s 5:00 somewhere,” we can use the word procreation when talking about yoga – especially around the holidays when its getting nice and cold outside… and everyone is warm inside… yeah you get it.)

So on that note, this Sunday in class (12/7/2014), we’ll briefly talk about the second chakra – SVADHISTHANA, or the LOWER ABDOMINAL / SACRAL CHAKRA – which means “dwelling place of the self,” and is directly governed by – you guessed it – the sex organs. It’s also about emotions, sociablity, and movement.

Why talk about this? Well…


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