Who the hell are you?

No really think about that – and make sure you’re reading that question like this: Who the hell are you? (Instead of how we usually think of it “Who the hell are you?”)

Why do I ask this? — think about the two contexts of those same five words: in one instance, it is a question directed outward, and in the other, it is a question directed inward.

We’ve all heard the term “giving away your power.” Well, in the sense of Chakras (which is the kick I’m on for this holiday season) the third chakra – which is located at the soft spot between your belly button and your solar plexus, and is called the MANIPURA – is our sense of self. Our sense of self-worth. Our sense of power. It means “city of gems,” which seems entirely random, unless you dig a little deeper (which I always love to do). It is our own individual “city of gems;” a place of resource and power.

Where last week’s sacral chakra svadisthana (the lower abdomen, where the base of the spine connects to the hip bones), is about pleasure and enjoyment, and the first chakra muladhara was about our primal selves (survival, or fear, if that survival is compromised), the manipura goes a bit further. Our sense of self is awakened, and along with it, an ability to choose – to use willpower, and be proactive, instead of reactive or inactive.

Sooooooo, realistically, there’s no way to realize and actualize everything that the chakras represent in one week’s time. But, like I allllllways say, hang on to what works for you, be willing to learn a bit at a time, and as my Minneapolis yogi hero Laurel Van Matre would say,


Hope to see many of you on Sunday 🙂

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