Speak truth, and "Be One With The Force." (A little Star Wars for your Saturday)

We’re onto Chakra number 5 this week – Vishuddha – or throat Chakra. It is the location where our air enters the body, and get purified. This is where we draw air in, release air out, and tie in breathing practices like Ujjayi breathing, which I’ve been talking about in my classes – the one that sounds like you’re trying to sound like Darth Vadar.

Physically, the nerves in this area are connecting our speaking and hearing centers. Taking that a step further beyond the physical, this is where our ability to express our unique and authentic selves lay. You may have heard the phrase “speak your truth,” and this is where we realize this – its about
and is not bound by definitions of cultural and family conditioning. As Communication Central for the body and mind, it also governs
allowing for the basic human need of being heard.

As we’ve moved up the Chakras, we’ve gone through the elements (Earth to Water to Fire to Air) and we are now at Ether with Vishuddha – which in chemistry is an oxygen molecule mixed with 2 other alkyl or aryl molecules. This formula is only one molecule’s change from water or alcohol. I like to use this practical thinking of something that is not quite water and not quite alcohol, but also realizes the previous four elements, and connects us to our own very life force: breath.

I also like to visualize the Hindu belief that this is the access point for both nectar – air coming in – and poison – air going out. They call this Amrita, and every breath IN is an opportunity to bring in new life, healing breath, soothing nectar, or **insert happy positive thought**. Every breath OUT is an opportunity to release old poisonous air (of which is very true, we know that exhales contain carbon dioxide, which our bodies make as waste), release tensions and expectations, or **insert thing that causes you pain and stress**.

It’s gonna be a whoooooole lotta good heavy breathing this Sunday in class. Think of it like that exhilarating rush of fogging up the windows when you’re a teenager… only less touching, and more self time. 🙂

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