Down Dog, Pigeon…Yoga Bunny!

We have all these animals in yoga. Down dog. Pigeon. Cobra. Mexican Moose. Ha, just kidding, I made that last one up.

I’ve decided that in honor of Easter (for which I celebrate the chocolate, bypassing the religious aspect entirely. Thank-you Cadbury for this awesome addition to the consumer calendar) I will give the great animal of the BUNNY its own pose. This pose is what we – begrudgingly, I’m SURE – call “upward facing dog.” Why? Well, come on DOG, don’t be so selfish. You don’t get two poses all your own – “downward facing dog” AND “upward facing dog.” Not, when “forward bunny” is SUCH a great name for this pose!

Oh by the way, Happy Easter. AND, this post is dedicated to one of my favorite singers and songwriters, Elizabeth and the Catapult, because of her amazing bunny Oslo.

Yes, class is on for Sunday morning. And yes I’ll accept chocolate for payment for this class only if you mention this blog post, (the darker the better, just like…. my coffee… gotcha.) Hope to see you Sunday at 10am.

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