Why I Teach Yoga

I’m a musician to my core. Since I was a baby I’ve been musical. Singing was all I ever wanted to do. And I’ve been singing and working professionally – with varying degrees, and various parts of the entertainment industry – since I was nineteen. Since moving to Minnesota in 2013, a lot of things have shifted. For one, this is the smallest market I’ve worked in as a free-lancer, and I’m attempting to delve into a new area of entertainment in voice over and production. The days of paying bills with music have been skinny since I moved here, and I’ve had to be patient and realize that I’m attempting new things in a new place. I recently went to my formerly-usual Monday night hang at Ice House, and one of my musician buddies said,

“Calley you ever gonna come back to music?” 

He was referring to all the pushing I’ve been doing for my yoga classes. It made me think. I didn’t really think that I’d left music, its just that work can be hard to come by when you’re the new girl in town, and I’m putting efforts in new directions, including a very exciting project which is currently in the works.

But it also made me think about why I’m teaching yoga.

How to consolidate into one post?! I’m teaching yoga because I love to teach, and I love the way yoga makes me feel, and I think there are plenty of options of studios and teachers out there for flexible, pretty girls to feel good about touching their toes. Trust me, I am alllllways all about girls feeling better about themselves, especially the pretty ones who often get pegged as bitchy, or snotty, or dumb. Those girls deserve happiness as much as any other human. But with the growth of yoga as a business and a presence in our culture, I see a need for teachers who can connect with other types of seekers. The yoga I love and teach may help you feel better immediately, but its essence is never in the expectation for a quick fix. I teach with the intent to stay true to why I started practicing, and help offer this resource to others who are looking for a resource.

I recently came across an article on Omeleto about this yogi from Durham, NC. I don’t know this girl from Eve, I have no idea if she’s a great yoga teacher or not, but man do I stand for what she stands for.

And I hope she’s an inspiration for some of you to invite your own humility, love yourself into a new habit, and show up on the mat.

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