Your Mind Is Incredibly Flexible

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 11.39.52 AMThink about the word change: In science it is signified by a triangle. The idea of trine (something with three points) comes up in Christianity, Ayurveda, is the numeric result of human regeneration (mother, father, child)… so am I just making connections which all lead back to the idea of change and three? Yep.

Science observes change, and then catalogues and documents it in order to draw conclusions and prove facts, as they relate to us at this phase of human existence.

Christianity is a common example in our society of an institution which support growth and change in life: births, communions, hard times, death, marriages, etc.

Ayurveda is an ancient wellness modality out of India which basically says that through food, medicine, lifestyle choices, surgery, spirituality, community, and environment, we can restore our personalized balance of the qualities in our life when ailment, or a change is needed to restore that balance.

It’s spring – change is happening all around us in the natural world, especially here in a place like Minnesota with distinct seasons. The ground is thawing, new buds are coming, and you can feel a new energy with the sun and warmer air. And we often forget that its only been a few hundred years since we were much more connected and beholden to the natural world on a day to day basis. So its a ripe time of year to feel like everything is changing around us, and life is getting away from us. Its easy to feel over-worked, over-stressed, and what you want_Fotor Real Illusion

Change is inevitable. But there are tools to help us cope, adjust our pace, and even find joy in the process of change. Step one is wanting  to embrace change as a good thing. Once that is attained, there are many options to explore. For me, yoga helps me get my mind there: to the wanting, and away from the “I just wanna sit here and complain.” Start with something familiar: breath in. Observe what it feels like. Get really comfortable. Once you are comfy, when you can just sit and enjoy the simple act of breathing in and out, its much easier to flirt with the idea of something different.
When we imagine something different, we open our minds up to their incredible potential to be flexible. We start to see options instead of obstacles. The obstacles don’t go away, but we learn how to face them, sit in front of them, walk around them, or otherwise deal with them. Our obstacles become our equals, and just another curve on the road of life.                                                                                           Ganesha3                                                                                                                                                                                  Happy Spring!

~ Calley

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