Allergy Hacks From a FORMER Sufferer

Hi folks!

Well, the sun is shiiiiiiiining in Minneapolis after a week of rain. If you have any kind of seasonal allergies, this is prime time for feeling like poo. Having allergies sucks. It is literally your body attacking itself in order to try to get rid of the thing you’re allergic to, and that’s preeeeeetty much what it feels like. Awful.

I feel you. Actually, correction –  I can’t tell you how happy I am to say that I no longer ACTUALLY feel you, but for years and years I struggled with allergies that put me down for the count for a month at a time. I had to miss work, was a walking emotional basket-case, and spent thousands of $$ over the years on medicine and medical treatments.

Hopefully  my decade of reading, research, trial, error, and hashing out every trial with my sister-the-doc can benefit you all. I wrote a blog post last year with ALL my tips and tricks to help ease your allergies. I’ve incorporated all of these things into my life, little by little, and I have been amazed every step of the way how much relief these tools have given me. I went into the trenches in 2008, determined to figure out how to bring back my quality of life from the allergy-robber, and by 2010 I made the leap to stop taking my medications and haven’t looked back since.

Now, please take note – these remedies are not like the quick fix that we’ve come to expect from pills. You usually have to do a combination of them, and give them a week or even several weeks to see noticeable difference. (Except the cider vinegar one! That stuff is IMMEDIATE – try it!) But for ME, I’ve found that difference to be greater than that of using medicine alone.

Happy Flower-Sniffing!

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