Healthcare Is A Basic Right

ofa-obamacareDear readers! I usually leave my blog content to that of an informational nature. As in “here are some ideas for how to take care of yourself,” or “here are some interesting ways to think about how to apply the teachings, philosophy, and practice of yoga to your own life,” or “here is a silly video or idea to make you laugh, and help you realize that being a yogi is not about being perfect, its about being a ridiculous human (considering the human experience IS kind of ridiculous… and beautiful and challenging.)”

But today, I’m posting THIS LINK to encourage you all to protect your right to get help when you’re NOT healthy, as is bound to happen to all of us, as part of the human experience.

Today, I’m encouraging you to use what we know from yoga philosophy: we move forward no matter what. Weather we are active in that motion, or passive… we need both for balance, and on any given day you’ll need more action or more passivity in your life… Today, I’m going to ask you to choose ACTION.

One of the reasons we have a constitution is to protect basic rights of individuals. Even though we live in a world where even our very government is built upon the foundation of a financial system, which requires the virility of the institutions keeping the wheel turning… I’m reminded of a conversation I had with a dear friend many years ago. His comment burned into my then-twenty-five-year-old idealist art/musician brain:

“When do we have ENOUGH?”

When the insurance companies are doing fine… when their CEO’s are taking vacations, and their employees are not just raising families and paying bills on time, but are getting annual bonuses… but thousands of people across the country are selling body fluids to make ends meet, and then can’t get access to healthcare they can afford…

Something in the moral scale is way… WAY… off. There is enough out there. There is enough available for all. But we must demand the protection of those who are too busy working a minimum wage labor job to ever even see this pretty pretty graphic that the OFA put out to fight for them… will you? It’s just your name, email address, and zip code. That’s it.

And that’s enough for today. Namaste.ofa-obamacare

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