DSC_9796Calley Bliss (Yoga Alliance RYT-200, Reiki Level 1) teaches yoga with the approach that the science of the mind is intrinsically connected to the state of the body. Learning, and re-patterning that state is a journey of exploring our selves and our lives by way of a physical practice. The practice is always a practical tool to combat life’s challenges, and find opportunities for growth, health, and progress for your body and life.


cb-1-to-1-2.jpgClient experience includes the following profiles:

  • Junior High & High-School-aged adolescents
  • Beginners brand new to yoga
  • Experienced practitioners of 15+ years
  • Adults suffering from immune and autoimmune disorders (cancer, gout, and allergies)
  • Mature adults with joint ailments (arthritis of the hands & shoulders, broken rotator cuff, knee replacement surgery)
  • Adolescents and adults with anxiety and depression

Calley teaches the following principles incorporated with Alignment-based Yoga:

  • Basics of Ayurvedic Doshas
  • Chakra system
  • Energy / matter relationship within the body
  • Tantra & Classical Yoga philosophy, as appropriate to the practitioner’s life phase


CalleyYogi_Fotor1Calley has lived, practiced, and studied across the US, with gratitude for the guidance of her teachers: Siri Peterson Cavanna (New York City- Anusara), Christina Reich (New York City- Ashtanga), Gretchen Arguedas (Boise, ID- Ashtanga), and Laurel Van Matre (Minneapolis, MN- Alignment). Her fifteen-year practice and constant curiosity about all things mind-body guides her teaching in public classes, private 1-to-1 sessions, workshops, and a nine-week course she developed called The Yoga With Calley Practice Project.

Calley’s yoga journey started innocently in 2002 at her university’s rec. center in Denton, TX. Yoga would become her most powerful and versatile implement in the “life toolbox,” helping to deal with bouts of anxiety, depression, stress, and enabling her to stop being reliant on daily medications and weekly shots for chronic allergies. As a musician and voice-over artist, she has traveled the US, UK, and the Caribbean, and worked with brands such as The Atlantic Magazine, YMCA, General Mills, New Balance, among other smaller brands and production companies. . For creative work, see entertainmentjill.com

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