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One-to-One yoga & energy sessions with Calley allow the individual to receive adjustments specific to their body and breath, allowing for a deep and personalized yoga experience. Calley’s knowledgeable hands and intuitive adjustments make your practice more challenging, but with support to discover deep strength and ease in the poses and body. One-to-one sessions are meant to create the deepest possible sense of renewal, relaxation, and empowerment beyond any drop-in or workshop-style class.

One-to-One sessions are ideal for:
~ the yogi wanting tailored adjustments to help clear localized tension in the body, and facilitate productive alignment.
~ newcomers to yoga wanting to learn proper form of basic poses for your body.
~ maximizing blood flow, flexibility, and recovery from injuries.



ashtanga primary series reconstructed w cb

Learn the sequence of the Ashtanga Primary Series in a non-traditional Ashtanga setting, taking extra time to break down the sequence, and spend extra time in some poses to facilitate a grounding and thoracic-opening approach to the poses and sequence of the primary series. 

Price: $25/pp | Pre-registration strongly recommended

(students can come to one, two or all!)






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Offset stress, tension, and exhaustion through complementary practices.


Each Practice Project RESET & RE-ENERGIZE session offers a thoroughly restorative, calming, and re-energizing, 90-minute experience incorporating yoga asana (poses), philosophy, Reiki (energy work), and introduction to meditation. Practice Project RESET & RE-ENERGIZE is the ultimate gift to your parasympathetic nervous system to cultivate your own practice for rest, reset, and reflection. No previous yoga experience necessary!

  • Check back for Fall 2019 Dates!
  • Limited to 12 Participants
  • $220 per person for 8 sessions. Repeat Practice Project Participants receive 30% off! ($154 for 8 sessions)

Upon registration, you will be sent a health intake questionnaire to fill out.Practice Project 3.0 COURSE OUTLINE web header

Week 1 – Discuss Modalities: Yoga, Reiki, Mindfulness. Philosophy concept 1, meditation exercise, yoga poses with reiki received during long holds.

Week 2 – Philosophy concept 2, meditation exercise, yoga poses with reiki received during long holds.

Week 3 – Philosophy concept 3, meditation exercise, yoga poses with reiki received during long holds.

Week 4 – Philosophy concept 4, Ayurveda concept 1, meditation exercise, yoga poses with reiki received during long holds.


Week 5 – Philosophy concept 5, Ayurveda concept 2, meditation exercise, yoga poses with reiki received during long holds.

Week 6 – Philosophy concept 6, Ayurveda concept 3, meditation exercise, yoga poses with reiki received during long holds.

Week 7 – Philosophy concept 7, Ayurveda concept 4, meditation exercise, yoga poses with reiki received during long holds.

Week 8 – Philosophy concept 8, Ayurveda concept 5, meditation exercise, yoga poses with reiki received during long holds.

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You’re always running out of time. You have too many obligations to spend this kind of time on yourself. There’s no way all this yoga / energy / mindfulness stuff is really that magical. Fear. Assumption. Doubt.

— or —

You’ve been taking drop-in classes for years, and you feel like you’ve plateaued. You cannot understand why chair pose or warrior I pose still feels awkward after all this time. You’ve done the hard-sweat-it-out kind of yoga long enough, but you’re curious about meditation and Reiki. Stuck or stagnant, and ready for a different outcome.

I’m light-hearted about this stuff. Yes, it seriously serves a purpose (or 50) in our busy lives. And there will be moments in this workshop series when you’re seriously swearing at me under your breath. But only for a moment, and then it’ll pass and you’ll feel… better. Yoga is a practical and fascinating exploration meant to be interesting, relational, challenging, and applicable to every-day life. Ok, so Reiki is kind of like quantum physics… which is pretty serious… but without all the equations and mathspeak. Come get quantum with us.                                   – Calley

Practice Project 3.0 What Is It_


The Practice Project is a workshop series to build regularity around yoga and related practices. The series facilitates a deeper understanding of the ways your yoga practice can be refined to support and strengthen your mind, body, and breath. Education science tells us it takes 8-12 weeks to integrate new information. As such, the series creates a structure that will facilitate optimal learning, and sustainable, progressive change for your body and yoga practice.

The Practice Project is:

An Intentional Setting (Tailored lessons and sound meant to open physical and energetic understanding of poses)

A Community (same small group of no more than 12 people to support regularity for learning)

Tools (custom sequence with detailed print-out instructions and audio guide for at-home use) 

“We cannot reach the goal by mere words alone. Without practice, nothing can be achieved.” – Sri Swami Satchidananda, Yoga Philosopher 

Dynamic Understanding

dsc_0003-e1515090747615.jpgDevelop Your Practice
Participants will be asked to practice a short (8 minutes) daily solo practice as a tool for self-learning and growth, with the support of an intimate group. Staying accountable to ourselves and new health, wellness, or fitness goals provides us the opportunity to create a positive relationship with challenges, and overcome resistance to self-care. By practicing, we gain insight into the great web of our personal health, and functionality within our chosen communities.

community-9595-e1520014017877.jpgLearn By Association

We practice yoga asana together (12 ppl max) for 90 minutes, beginning with a five-minute meditation, some intro to yoga concepts, and then workshop-style practice with Calley’s detailed cues and discussion. Sequences are tailored for each format based health intake information of the group, facilitating greater understanding of ourselves physically, mentally, & emotionally. Learning our body, mind, and breath through observation and repetition of stillness and movement, and how these patterns are reflected through a yoga sequence, the energy/matter relationship, and the basics of Ayurveda and the Chakras. We observe our poses in contrast to those of one another as a sort of mirror.

“You cannot simply read about the practice to gain its benefits, you have to actually do it.”   – Jon Kabat-Zinn, creator Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction 

What Former Participants Say

I definitely did not expect to still be practicing yoga, let alone pontificate about how great it can be for you. Turns out I am, and I do, and it’s great, so thank YOU.

– Jesse, Practice Project 2.0 (Fall 2017)

I loved the longer time together, having the same people, I liked the 20 minutes at the beginning to get into my body quietly, without talking or listening. And I also feel like I spent more time building strength than I typically do, which helped my practice improve overall.

– Betsy S., Practice Project 1.0 (Winter 2017)

It was a comfortable environment from Day 1. Having “homework” was helpful in keeping me engaged in between class meetings. And of all things, I enjoyed the optional cleanse! It was a different challenge, and I appreciated the push to do it; there’s definitely no way I would have completed an entire week if I was doing it on my lonesome.

– Sarah M.,  Practice Project 1.0 (Winter 2017)

The same people [at each session] made sharing time like mini therapy, got really deep into specific poses (hello Warrior 2!)

-Sarah H. Practice Project 1.0 (Winter 2017)

Practice Project 3.0 How Did It Begin_

We All Want To Make Change.

We want to eat better. Do more yoga, do more challenging yoga. We want to learn to meditate. We want to be stronger. More loving. We want to release tension, and be able to freakin’ relax.

I was on one of my “yoga thought soapboxes” as I saw a loved one go through a traumatic transition. And I was so grateful to have my practice and all these years of study of yoga, diet, mindfulness, psychology, energy modalities, meditation, etc. to carry me through my stress, as well as help me to deal with theirs. And – again, like many yoga thought soap boxes before – I wanted to help people see that this yoga stuff is not just about skinny white girls and Instagram and touching your toes. Yoga, as I was taught and approach it, is self-exploration, life-exploration, and body-attention time that makes the whole experience of practicing yoga asana (poses) more subtle, less jarring, more pleasant, often unexpected, and helps us all to figure out life’s big head-scratchers.

So I sat and moved and breathed on my mat and I waited for an answer to what felt like a stuck question.

And then I completed a nine-week course in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction. And I had my own revelations from some of the info I’d learned and could choose to put to use in my own life. And I realized there’s really something about time. It takes time for our brain to make the pattern we can see in our bodies or lives. Just like all the research says…

Your every day drop-in or outdoor yoga class will bring you through a generic set of poses. You’ll sweat. You’ll breathe. You’ll leave feeling better. But will you know how to recreate that for you in your next class, or at home? The Practice Project draws the connection between the way we move, the way we think, and how our bodies pattern themselves. We do this through an understanding of the science behind mind-body connection, why the philosophy of yoga is tied in with these exercises, how we can apply simple concepts to deepen and enhance our yoga practice experience, and where we have natural strength or ease. When we can challenge our patterns, and increase capacity for strength and flexibility in the body, it opens up the aspects of mind-body connection for those who are willing to think in a different way, and simplify their approach to exercise.                         – Calley


Practice Project COURSES

Reset & Re-Energize

Each session will bring you through a 90-minute relaxing experience incorporating restorative yoga asana (poses), philosophy, Reiki (energy work), and an introduction to meditation. Practice Project Reset & Re-Energize is the ultimate gift to your parasympathetic nervous system – and your learning brain – to begin cultivating your personalized practice for rest, reset, and reflection. No previous yoga experience necessary!

Refine & Reform

Sessions incorporate an appropriate balance of refined movement, hands-on adjustments, and stillness for a deeper experience than drop-in classes. Sequences are designed for those who are looking to refine and deepen their own energy – matter relationship and challenge their physical, mental, and emotional capabilities. Great for those who are ready to personalize their yoga practice. Some previous yoga experience recommended.

Cultivate & Create

Designed for those with a regular asana practice, ready to overcome physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual challenges through inversions, deep twists, and meditation. A loving exposition for those ready to listen deeply, and challenge greatly. 5 yrs minimum yoga experience required.


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