CamCalley_10July12_LOWRES_BW-8800After practicing yoga in various locations for over 15 years, I found Calley’s class, and have not looked back.  Her style of teaching and excellent insights have transformed my yoga practice and deepened my understanding of myself and my own body.  Her thoughtful and challenging classes have helped me build an excellent foundation for my body.  She is an excellent human being and an amazing yoga teacher, and I feel profoundly grateful to have her and her classes in my life.”

– Robyn Tabibi, M.D.


Calley’s approach to teaching yoga is adaptive and connective. She sees each person who comes to the mat, assesses skill levels, and looks to get a gauge of where everyone is at on a particular day before settling in. As we come to find a foundation in our breath, she describes her vision for that day’s class and what we can expect out of our practice… then we are tricked into getting an excellent workout! It’s been very transformative to experience “finding space” and restoration through Calley’s instruction in the middle of a workday.

My introduction to Calley and Yoga Garden started my second week of working at a company affiliated with the studio. Outside of P90X and YouTube, it was my first experience with an actual instructor, and it could not have been a better one if I’d planned it.

– Emilee O’Leary, Application Developer, Author


My present to myself is my weekly encounter with Calley Bliss at Yoga Garden on Sunday mornings. I always leave Calley’s class with a great sense of calm, peace, strength and happiness. Calley has been a wonderful guide through this practice of yoga. Her classes have brought me an awareness of my body like no other yoga class has done. She has a great ability to explain how one can move various part of ones body to experience a pose. She has insightful and thought provoking things to say and a warm comforting way about her. Doing yoga in her class just makes me feel good. I have learned things from Calley that I have been able to teach to my preschoolers. Calley has been and will continue to be a great inspiration to me.

– Michelle Rudqvist Anton, Preschool Teacher, Mom


Calley is a tremendously talented yoga instructor. She is consistently fun and enthusiastic while simultaneously being gentle and meditative. She is sensitive to all of the needs and differences of the students in her class: she has the ability to expertly gauge skill level in order to better serve each class member. Calley has a deep understanding of the human body and its limits as well as the mind-body connection. Taking her class has been extremely beneficial to me both mentally and physically. She has helped put me in tune on days that I really needed it! Her corporate yoga class is a MUCH needed break in the work week, I don’t know what I’d do without it.

– Oakley Tapola, Administrative Support Specialist

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